Friday, 31 August 2012


Is there really a bad client? Is the client always right? Different people may have varying ideas about a concept and hold strongly to it but is that enough to tag them as BAD?

From experience, I have learnt that clients are not bad but demanding. A client doesn’t choose to be hard but how a planner is able to take control of the situation could prove vital in turning a demanding client to a great one.

How to deal with a demanding client?

Take time to study your client; their likes and dislikes. While some clients like to be told what to do, others may be dominating and impatient. Knowing what a client would like could make them less demanding.

Creative or Audacious?

Can you be bold enough to dress as unique as this couple, who went for a Chef and Waitress look, on your wedding day? 

Give us your answers!

GREEN | Mint Green


SHADE: Mint Green

Mint green is a higher shade of the colour green and can be combined with colours like White, Peach, Pink and Grey.

Mint green is not only limited to d├ęcor as it can be used for cake, bouquet and even the wedding dress! See sample pictures below.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


by Seyi Olusanya

There is a lot more to weddings than booking an event space or hall. More people are opting for destination weddings which used to be something only celebrities and the rich could do. Over the past years, clients have preferred taking their events abroad and this is fast becoming a trend.

Benefit? You can have your day exactly the way you dreamt it; with beautiful scenery, quiet ambience, a bit of nature and wildlife, on an island or even on a mountain top closely witnessed by a few friends and family.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oops! The Caterers Have Run Out Of Food! (How to Manage an Event Crisis)

Everyone has at some point come face to face with a crisis or emergency that seemed challenging.

The stand-by generator breaks down just before the couple’s first dance? 2 tiers fall off the wedding cake? Whether natural or man-made, certain things must be done to prevent an event crisis from becoming a total disaster and in turn your professional career.

Stay Calm; Nerves can make an outrageous idea seem right in the space of a second or two. Take a time out, control those nerves and arrange the right thoughts.

Assess the Situation; Find out what needs to be done to salvage the situation and also avert a
possible re-occurrence.